About IEPPal

IEPPal is an iPad based data collection tool that enables teachers (special education and general ed), therapists, and caregivers to capture observed student/patient event data for the purpose of tracking progress towards the mastery of IEP goals – including RTI. Designed around an emerging touch screen handheld market, IEPPal’s primary aim is to allow for data to be collected easily during structured therapy sessions, ad-hoc field environments, general ed classrooms, or special care facilities. Our goal is to allow our users to quickly assemble usable statistical data for periodic progress reporting or monitoring of academic strategies for RTI students. We eliminate the hassle of data sheets and score logs that are used in today’s process that must be hand tallied and manually transferred to electronic reports to produce progress results.

With IEPPal, you may chart progress towards defined goals and objectives for an IEP, or behaviors and achievements for tiered RTI tracking. Once completed, your event logs are synchronized with a central data storage area, and summarized progress reports and graphs are just a few mouse clicks away. Gone are the days of fumbling with folders full of log sheets for each individual and calculators just to determine progress.

If you have a typical class size or caseload, IEPPal will save you literally hundreds of hours per year by relieving the time required to tabulate your data for semi-annual and quarterly reporting. This translates into instant financial savings for your organization, but more importantly, it frees up your most valuable asset – YOUR TIME!

Our Enterprise edition goes a step further and allows supervisors (principals, administrators, etc.) to run progress reports for their subordinate teacher/therapist caseloads on demand. This enables school districts, agencies, and healthcare facilities the ability to realize significant process efficiencies with a streamlined reporting model. Additionally, Enterprise users may share student/patient data with designated colleagues (i.e. peer therapists or teaching assistants) so that a unified approach to each plan may be accomplished.

What IEPPal is NOT…

IEPPal is NOT an IEP writer. It will not replace whatever tools you have in place to write your goals and objectives. However, IEPPal DOES support a Goal/Objective bank, so if you have a set of goals and objectives for your state or organization handy – you may load them into IEPPal and store them in your bank for later use when setting up an IEP. Additionally, we will write integration programs to your specific IEP writer if you have a large enough user base of IEPPal so that you may “pull” your goals/ objectives into IEPPal and “push” your scores back into your other reporting systems.

IEPPal is also NOT specifically for special education. Originally designed for special needs tracking, IEPPal has been enhanced to work in all environments. RTI tiered data tracking or documenting behavior plans in a general ed classroom is easily accomplished with IEPPal. Occupational therapy and physical therapy progress charting is a snap. Keeping logs for agencies or nursing homes and reviewing it from distributed points throughout the entire organization just got a lot easier.

How does IEPPAL work?

First, students/patients are loaded by name and an optional photo into a browser based application on your everyday PC or Mac. High-level plans (IEPs), goals, and objectives are also loaded for each individual. Desired learning techniques or activities are then attached to each plan objective to later be monitored during sessions. From there, you simply launch a session on your iPad by selecting which students from your roster are participating in a given session. You may slide back and forth between the student score sheets during your session by swiping back and forth to select the child who has your focus at a given moment. IEPPal will keep track of where you left off for each student in the session and wait for you to come back to continue scoring. Within each individual’s score sheet, you may alternate back and forth between objectives to score specific techniques assigned to each objective. When you close the session, all of your results are pushed back up to the central database, and you may return to your PC to generate your reports.


  • Optional Dynamic Prompt/Cue Setup and Tracking
  • Optional Dynamic Pragmatic Observation Setup and Tracking
  • Audio Recording/Logging by Student/Patient
  • Session Timers/Reports
  • Offline Session Logging (no internet needed during sessions)
  • Notes by Individual During Sessions
  • Prior Session Scores shown during active sessions
  • Location Based Reports (track progress in different settings)
  • Shared Student/Patient Data Amongst Colleagues/Supervisors
  • Important Student/IEP Upcoming Dates Tickler System
  • Free Training/Support Mon-Sat

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