Q. Can I use IEPPal on my laptop or desktop computer?

A. IEPPal is designed to run on both your PC and your iPad. (Android platform release scheduled for Q4, 2011) All of your core data routines as well as reporting are done on your everyday PC or MAC. Scoring is all done on tablet PC. They are both required components for IEPPal to run. Having only a PC/MAC will not enable you to utilize IEPPal.

Q. How much does IEPPal Cost?

A. Our fixed priced template is available for review on our website. However we are willing to discuss any unique needs you may have. Simply phone or email us with any of your questions.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of students that I can handle on one device?

A. No. The device is capable of handling as many students as you interact with. There is no limit to the number of students you can load and track progress for with IEPPal.

Q. Is there a chance I can demo IEPPal before I buy a license?

A. Yes. We will be exhibiting at a large number of upcoming trade shows where you can stop by and try our product. Additionally you can contact us for a free demo.

Q. I am having technical issues with IEPPal how do I obtain support?

A. Call or email our support staff with any issue that you may have. Even if the problem is with your tablet device we have worked on quite a few and might be able to offer some help.

Q. Can I load a custom IEP onto this app?

A. Yes absolutely. IEPPal was designed so that it is capable of handling the unique needs of all students and the IEP’s associated with their needs.

Q. The app is crashing whenever I try to start it. How do I get it started again?

A. App crash is not an uncommon thing among tablet PC’s and smart phones. If this occurs there is not necessarily an issue with IEPPal. Try restarting your device. If its still not working, delete our app and try to install it again and it should work properly. If it still does not work, give us a call and we will be glad to help you to get this working quickly.

Q. What devices can I use?

A. At the present time, only the iPad release is available to the public. During Q4, 2011, we will be launching an Android based release as well.

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