IEPPal is a feature rich tablet based application that makes life easier for Special Education Professionals, their students (as well as their parents), and school administrators. IEPPal offers several features that provide numerous advantages and savings. Read on to see how IEPPal’s major features translate to immediate benefits.

1. Touch screen automated data collection

With IEPPal you can remain focused on your students and not on the completion of hand written log sheets. Since it is a tablet PC based solution, IEPPal automates the data collection and storage process. This data can then be used to formulate conclusions and modify strategies. A Special Education Professional can save a considerable amount of time by simply using the IEPPal app on an iPad to capture and record data previously handwritten on log sheets.

2. Prompt data tracking

With the IEPPal app you are able to track hard to record prompt data seamlessly during your sessions. This prompt data is extremely valuable to consider along with score data itself. The information is saved immediately upon entry which is done simply by touching a prompt key on the tablet screen. Prompt data is easily captured and inclusive in reporting with hardly any effort which frees up more of your most valuable asset – your time.

3. Pragmatic data tracking

With simple touches of the tablet screen, IEPPal lets you easily document pragmatic conditions (attentiveness, posture, etc.) for each student – including frequency of occurrence. You can innovate the process yourself by creating new options for better tracking of a student’s progress and abilities.

4. Individual or Group Sessions

Work with one or many students in a session. Don’t have a dedicated classroom? Use different stations in the classroom? No problem! You can choose the location of your sessions.

One of IEPPal’s greatest features other than its ability to save you time is its flexibility. Customizing IEPPal is really simple and straightforward using its intuitive user interface.. The application was designed specifically for a Special Education Professional so that they could make most use possible of a tablet PC and have the ability to load multiple IEP, goals and objectives.

5. Custom reporting time periods

The IEPPal reporting interface allow to generate your summary reports weekly, monthly, quarterly, or for whatever other time period you may desire. The results are tabulated instantly for you. The amount of time previously spent manually tabulating session results can be better spent on other activities such as interacting with student and their parents. IEPPal gives you peace of mind by knowing that you can generate an accurate report at any time with little to no effort on your part and have the timeframe be customized to meet your needs.

6. Overlay graphs

It is true, a picture is worth a thousand words. IEPPal’s easy to read progress graphs show both scores and prompts over time to allow for the visual interpretation of trends in progress. IEPPal’s reporting module is truly a work of art. With multiple custom options available, a Special Education Professional can now take advantage of a vibrant and colorful reporting module for processing results and distributing and explaining them effectively.

7. Individual & district level versions

An individual Special Education Professional may purchase IEPal on their own or a district may purchase a license that permits the sharing of student data between multiple Special Education Professionals. With a district version of the application students’ results follow them as they advance through your programs over time.

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