At IEPPal, security of your data and our service is our top priority.

How we keep your data safe

IEPPal keeps your data private and does not disclose your privacy. Please read our complete Privacy Policy for further information.

  • 1. Your data is private – your personal information is never transferred or sold to anyone.
  • 2. Your data is secure – no one can access your information at IEPPal .
  • 3. Your data is yours – you can always take it with you. Download your data in multiple convenient formats, or if you decide to leave the service, you can remove your data from our servers. Just ask us and we’ll help you retrieve it.
Security is state of the art at IEPPal
  • To fulfill your requests by us or by others involved in fulfillment.
  • To contact you for customer satisfaction surveys, market research or in connection with certain transactions.
  • To support products or services you have obtained from us.
  • By Perceptum Solutions and selected organizations for marketing purposes if you have permitted such use.
  • To personalize your experience while you are on our sites, make navigation easier, and for Web site usage statistics.
Your Choices
  • When we collect information from you, you may tell us that you do not want it used for further marketing contact.
  • You may also turn off cookies in your browser.

Security of our service and your data is our top priority, and this FAQ would outline the practices we have in place to ensure your data security. IEPPal servers are hosted in a secured SAS70 certified Tier4 class A data center, which is the highest standard in data center security. We have taken numerous security actions from the access to our datacenter to the security of the service layer itself. This means that physical access to the IEPPal servers is restricted to authorized operators – no other personnel can access our hosting area. Our service is protected by the latest security systems and is monitored 24×7 by certified network security teams.

Managed Hosting IEPPal has chosen RackSpace for our hosting needs. RackSpace is a leading provider of 24×7 managed hosting services and provides the service, scale and expertise you expect.

Data Center Security our servers are hosted at a secured Tier4 SAS 70 type II certified data center, protected by biometrics scanners and 24×7 security guards. This means that only authorized personal can access the data centers and physically access the cages where our servers are hosted. Our data center facilities include state-of-the-art redundant power management, fire suppression facilities, HVAC systems and Always-On power delivered by uninterruptable power supply (UPS) systems that are monitored 24×7.

Network Security The entire IEPPal service including your data is protected by the latest firewall protection, intrusion detection systems, and proprietary security products across all segments of our network. We are working with 3rd party service providers to constantly test the network for security breaches.

SSL and Application Security - All information sent to and from IEPPal is encrypted with 256-bit encryption, the same security used by banks and e-commerce sites to protect their services. This means that all communication between your computer and our servers is encrypted and your session is protected

Data Backup all customer data is continually backed up to local disk as the first level of data protection and every night to an offsite location as part of our Disaster Recovery program. This ensures that your data is safe and your information can be quickly restored in case of a catastrophe.

Disaster Recovery we have implemented a Disaster Recovery program designed to allow us to operate the IEPPal service without losing any customer data.

Certifications we are constantly working with third parties to test IEPPal and receive third party certification for our security practices.

Application Access IEPPal protects customer data by ensuring that only authorized users can access it using their username and password. Account Administrators can assign security rules that define which users in their company or partners have access to the data based on user’s roles.

Data Encryption all data is encrypted in transfer and all access to the service is governed by strict password security policies. All passwords are stored in MD5 hash format, which means they can not be reversed to the original password and are not readable.

Monitoring and logging our service is continually monitored for security violations attempts and our team receives immediate notification on such violations. Our service generates certain logs and audit data that is reviewed to detect any security violations. We implement various 3rd party scanning technologies to monitor the service against existing and new threats.

Agent Security The agent operates like many other beacon software that runs in your network and connects to a server on the Internet, including Windows Update service, Adobe Acrobat Reader or the Java runtime environment. The agent only connects to the IEPPal server and no communication is initiated with other destinations. In addition, the agent does not receive requests from any device, internal or external to your network, but only initiate outbound requests. This approach ensures that no other service can exploit the agent or use the information it gathers.

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